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QUT Vice Chancellor’s STEM Camp


It is a pleasure to announce that both Charlie and Truc, Year 11 students of St John’s have been accepted to attend the QUT Vice- Chancellor’s STEM Camp, during the September school holidays. The camp will cover subjects including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Over a period of five days students will be required to solve a range of challenges which are prominent in today’s society.

This is an exciting opportunity for Charlie and Truc as they will experience and see firsthand how the QUT Science and Engineering Centre operates. Last year’s group were provided with fifteen different research options, some of which included looking into pharmaceutical tablets such as ibuprofen and their manufacturing and also visualising and analysing large data sets.

To formally finish the camp, both students have been invited to attend a dinner with the QUT Vice-Chancellor and Professor Peter Coaldrake attending.

St John’s trusts that the students will benefit greatly from this experience, as they enhance their skills through participating in a selected research project.


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