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Results are in for the 2015 Water Rocket Day


On Saturday 15 August, families, youth groups and school teams joined St John’s to celebrate the 2015 Queensland Water Rocket Day. The celebration kicked off in the afternoon around 2:30pm when participants received the opportunity to learn how to make and fly a water rocket.

The water rocket competition then took place from 4pm and continued on until 7pm. All participants competed for three different titles which included the Accuracy Competition (target at 60m), Distance Competition (max 100psi) and the Best Looking Rocket Competition.

Congratulations to Egan who was awarded with third place for the Best Looking Rocket Competition.  Thank you and congratulations all schools teams and youth groups who came along to participate on the day.

Please see the results below:

Target Competition

(Closest to a target 60m away from the firing line)

1st         Sean B.                        0cm (Hit target), Silkstone Cub Scouts

2nd        Jesse H-B.                   105cm, Jamboree Heights Cub Scouts

3rd        Charlotte O.                195cm, Jindalee Cub Scouts


Distance Competition

(Longest distance from firing line, at max. 100 psi)

1st        Timothy R.                  130.7m, Jindalee Scouts

2nd       Flynn H.                      120.5m, Pullenvale State School

3rd        Billy H.                         120.0m, Pullenvale State School


Best-designed Rocket Competition

1st        Joshua Q.                    Jamboree Heights Cub Scouts

2nd       Stephanie R.              Jindalee Cub Scouts

3rd        Egan S-B.                    St John’s Anglican College


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