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The Rite Journey


IMG_2441From the Head of College – 4 April 2014

St John’s is quickly building its reputation as a school with high expectations for student’s academic success, and rightly so in an age of rapid change in the society and the workplace. As we are all acutely aware exponential change is currently driven by global technological advancement which when well managed can be exciting and challenging for even the youngest of learners. However, the power to use technology for good cannot be recognized without a framework of social and community values to guide its use in our lives.

IMG_2360With this in mind we have introduced the highly-regarded social and emotional development program, The Rite Journey, into our Middle School pastoral care offerings. All Year 9 students and teachers commenced their focus on the Journey from childhood to being a young adult with a sleep out under the stars and a ceremony to mark the beginning of the Journey by the lake at dawn. Their parents then joined them for breakfast at the College, where they pledged to support their children through the journey. The weekly Rite Journey, gender based, classes conducted by our specially trained teachers continue throughout the year. Term One feedback suggests that this College initiative is set to be a life-changing journey for many young people. They will develop social and emotional skills, upon which their confidence and resilience will be built.

Congratulations to our teachers and students on the journey so far!

The Rite Journey –






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