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It’s been the Rite time for the Rite Journey


Well through the introductory year of the Rite Journey program for Year Nine students at St John’s, and both male and female students have embraced the challenges from the Calling Ceremony through to the lunch time picnic enthusiastically.

Our young men have considered where they are up to in their journey to manhood and in doing so; a sense of closeness and mateship has developed. The Rite Journey classes are increasingly student led. Students now have a sense of who they are, and are growing in confidence. As a result of this, they are willing to question and challenge each other’s actions and are able to discuss topics varying from personal issues to global crises with clarity and a mutual respect for opposing views. The Year Nine boys have watched sunrises, built campfires, prepared meals for family, organised picnics, read to children. Some have changed a tyre, built go-carts, presented on an assembly, and attended an ANZAC dawn service to name just a few. These boys, soon-to-be young men, have committed wholeheartedly to their pathway into manhood, and we look forward to seeing further growth as we proceed into the next half of their personal journey.

Our female students have considered the media’s portrayal of femininity and the themes of individuality and uniqueness highlighting their positive self-image. Guest speakers have also presented ‘self-awareness’ sessions and taught the girls the art of ‘stillness’. The first semester finished with a wonderful picnic where the Year 9 males brought along lunch (prepared by themselves on most occasions) for the females. The students spent an hour or so in small mixed groups on a picnic blanket in the College forecourt on a warm winter’s afternoon. Staff overhead some positive conversations and the feedback from students was that all though they were a little apprehensive about this event, the males enjoyed practicing and displaying gentlemanly behaviour and the females enjoyed the company and the meals provided. Congratulations to our Staff and Students for embracing the ‘Rite Journey’

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