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Sharing the Planet (PYP)


Have you heard about the Primary Years Programme (PYP)? The aim of the programme is to provide students with the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action that is required to equip them for successful lives, both now and in the future.

St John’s Year Six students have had the pleasure of being involved in the programme for the last seven months of their schooling. Their latest and greatest task for the programme was to focus on the theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. This concept is critical in our world as we delve into current events and the responsibility for us to look after the planet.

Students investigated issues and have used Australian Curriculum areas to access information, along with 21 Century skills to take action.  Our students have been reading, comprehending, writing, communicating and listening. The project has also enabled students to be involved in creating graphs, drawing on scientific principles, examining maps, creating timelines, designing, analysing, drawing conclusions, effectively work in a team and lastly, taking responsibility and using initiative.

This ‘cross-pollination’ of knowledge, skills and attitudes is made possible through the large transdisciplinary themes we use at St John’s. The reason as to why transdisciplinary themes are very important is because they provide a framework for studying important issues which not only cross subjects, but allow students to step beyond the confines of particular disciplines and curriculums. Another important element of the programme is to practise being a leader and a person of influence by sharing your positive impact.

Our students also had the opportunity to showcase their work to Chairman of the Board, Dr Barry Kelly, Years Four and Five students, Early Years students, parents and staff from both Primary and Secondary at an exhibition, held in our Primary Chapel. Students focused on numerous global issues including, air pollution, coral bleaching and deforestation. During the presentations, students in each group had the opportunity to talk about their topic and provide suggestions for ways in which attendees could take action to tackle the problem.

From a parent who attended the presentations….

Congratulations on an fantastic PYP afternoon yesterday!
The students were all so knowledgeable on their topics, and the displays were incredible, but what stood out the most was the enthusiasm of each and every child.
An absolute credit to everyone at St Johns. If I saw something like this at a school Open Day, I would be amazed… I was amazed!

Well done.

We congratulate all Year Six students on the wonderful work which was displayed yesterday and today. St John’s also thanks Primary teachers Miss Brookman and Mr Allen for working with the students to deliver outstanding projects.


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