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Soaring Academic Success

St John’s Anglican College have seen pleasing academic growth across the College in 2020 with a GPA average of 11.02, the highest in six years. This is reflective of the outstanding preparation and professionalism of the teaching staff and the ongoing investment in academic strengthening underway at the College.

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Academic Extension

St John’s has established a tradition of forward and innovative thinking in creating the optimum learning environment to support exceptional student achievement. The SOAR program aims to empower and engage motivated, highly able, gifted and talented students.

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A St John's Education

A St John’s education is an exciting and stimulating journey where students learn in a respectful and fun environment and benefit from three core elements of learning and development; Curriculum, Co-curriculum and Wellbeing.

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Senior School

Senior School at St John’s is a challenging and supportive environment, resulting in graduates who are courageous, respectful and driven to succeed. Our senior curriculum draws from global best practice and prepares students for their vocational pathway of choice.

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