St John’s at the Conrad Challenge

St John’s Anglican College is very proud to have two teams that have been selected to compete in the 2019 American Conrad Challenge at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida in April. The teams, comprising of Year 11 students Sanvi Mehta, Tamara Johnston, Jasmin Shearer, Aaliyah Field and Monique Cleveland should be congratulated on their tireless efforts both in and outside of school to make it to the finals. Their innovations, a space suit designed to alleviate joint damage in space as well as an agricultural tool to help reduce dependency on tobacco crops, will be two of forty-five innovations competing in the Challenge.

This year teams from thirteen countries including the US, Nigeria, Egypt, South Korea, India and more will compete in a three-day event based just outside one of the world’s largest rocket launch sites.

In the lead up to the teams departing Australia, it was wonderful to welcome Milton Dick MP, Member for Oxley to the College as he congratulated the team on their success of being selected and presented them with certificates from his office.

The Competition
Team Boreal and Team Taurus presented their innovations to the panel of expert judges at the USA Conrad Challenge. At the final day of the Conrad Challenge, both teams from St John’s unfortunately didn’t manage to secure a spot as a top Pete Conrad Scholars.

However in a day of networking with the other teams, staff from NASA, US Navy, Future Architects and SMART Education CEO’s it is hard to call the event anything but a success. St John’s is extremely proud of the work our Conrad teams put in and they eagerly look forward to the 2020 Summit! hashtagConradchallenge hashtaginnovation