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St John’s Christmas Giving Tree


It is difficult to believe that Christmas is only six weeks away. This is the time of year when we start to think about gifts for our family and friends. Perhaps you may also be brainstorming ideas for a sumptuous Christmas lunch or dinner. With all of these exciting thoughts in mind it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Although there is nothing truly wrong with giving gifts and celebrating with a wonderful lunch, it is also important that we recognising those who are less fortunate. For some individuals and families, Christmas can be a depressing and lonely time if there is little money to purchase gifts and food.

To help families through this time, over the next few weeks, St John’s Secondary School students and staff will be donating goods such as food and gifts. Everything that is collected by the school will be donated to the St Hugh’s Anglican Church in Inala. Students and staff have been asked to donate Christmas food items including cake, soft drink, plum pudding, long life custard and cream, chips, biscuits, tinned ham, and lollies. In addition students and staff also have the opportunity to donate packaged dry foods, tinned foods and toiletries.

Last year St John’s amazed St Hugh’s with the extent of generosity. We hope that this year St John’s can make the Christmas of those who are less fortunate to be a wonderful and joyful experience.

Thank you to Reverend Susan for inspiring St John’s to think about those who are less fortunate on such a special day. We look forward to sharing results of the Christmas Giving Tree.


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