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St John’s Primary Shares their Love of Reading


St John’s is proud to announce that we have collected over 160 children’s books, 60 which will be donated to the UnitingCare Community Services, Family Intervention Services (FIS Program) and a little over 100 books will be donated to the Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital.

We kindly thank all of our Primary students and parents who donated children’s books. In comparison to last year, it is wonderful to see an increase in donations.

This year, for International Book Week students were asked to bring in two books of their choice. One book was to be donated to one of the two charities and the other was provided to another student at St John’s. It is sad to know there are so many children who are not fortunate to have many or even one book so it is encouraging that St John’s is able to share the love of reading with the community.

Thank you to St John’s teachers who were involved in organising International Book Week.

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