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St John’s Teachers Nominated for the QCT Excellence in Teaching Award


Recently three teachers from St John’s have been nominated for the Queensland College of Teachers, Excellence in Teaching Award. The purpose of the award is to celebrate the achievements of outstanding teachers across Queensland. The nominees are Mr Nathan King, Mr Stavros Ikonomakis (Secondary Campus) and Mrs Brigitta Brookman (Primary Campus).

Shortly after the nomination we were very excited to learn that Mr Nathan King had been contacted by the Queensland College of Teachers. Their phone call was to seek approval to feature Nathan’s background and achievements on their website. We were delighted with the news!

The article outlines Nathan’s most recent achievements including 2016 Teacher of the Year award at the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge in Florida, USA. Alongside inspiring his students to set up their own classroom businesses, stock market, political parties and courtrooms he has also been the co-leader for the ‘Future Thinkers’ program St John’s. The ‘Future Thinkers’ program provided the forum for the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge which resulted in the award for Nathan and for St John’s students to take a place and win on the world’s stage. Click here to view the Chanel 9 coverage of The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

To view the article featuring St John’s Teacher, Mr Nathan King please click here.

St John’s is extremely proud of our teachers and their achievements. We wish Mr Stavros Ikonomakis, Mr Nathan King and Mrs Brigitta Brookman well and look forward to hearing the final result of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

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