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St John’s, where success is celebrated


At this time of the year we celebrate the success of our graduates of 2014 and acknowledge their success in achieving the tertiary study course of their first choice. 103 students graduated from St John’s in 2014 with most taking up places at universities to study an array on disciplines such as Engineering, Law, Business and Health Sciences. We know they have been well prepared for this stage of their learning lives and we wish them every success.

As a learning community, St John’s teachers focus on using “next” practice to provide opportunities for students at all year levels to achieve the best educational outcomes. As an independent school St John’s has the capacity to take a balanced view about what’s important for our young people to know and be able to do in the future and to encourage them in their learning and development in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

As “custodians of opportunity” our teachers challenge young minds to develop confidence in using their natural creativity and being innovative in their thinking. As we prepare young people for their future in the rapidly changing digital world, we are aware that they will need to reinvent themselves over and over as they move through careers and into new ones. Confidence and personal resilience will be essential attributes of the St John’s graduate.

Students at St John’s are developing inquiring minds through our recent successful application to be a candidate school within the world-renowned International Baccalaureate program. In addition to our strong focus on literacy and numeracy, this year students are using their natural inquisitiveness to think for themselves and solve problems in creative ways.

Complementing our focus on teaching inquiry methods to children of all year levels is our commitment to providing many and varied opportunities through our extracurricular programs in sport, performing arts and service programs.


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