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St John’s Wins the Australian Space Design Competition


On the weekend of the 16 and 17 of January, five St John’s students travelled to the University of Queensland to participate in the national finals of the Australian Space Design Competition. The students were invited to take part in the competition as special participants. This meant that St John’s students had not qualified for the competition in the same way that the other nine schools at the finals did. Evidently this created some difficulties for the students as they had very little idea of what to expect from the competition.

Needless to say, the learning curve for the five St John’s participants was incredibly steep. In two days, the students, along with a group of students from Canterbury College were given the task of developing a proposal for a Mars based space settlement. This proposal had to be fully costed, and had to cover every aspect of the design of this space settlement, including such considerations as how a breathable atmosphere would be created, how the settlement would be funded. The students also had to focus on what it would look like, how it would stay in orbit around Mars, how its occupants would be housed, fed and watered, and what would happen to this food and water once it had travelled through their digestive systems. On the second night of the competition, the students presented their completed proposal to the judges in the form of a 20 minute sales pitch.

It’s difficult to emphasise how well St John’s students performed at this competition, especially given both their lack of experience and the incredibly high standard which was set by the other teams. Not only did Zoe Christofis win the award for best female speaker, but the team which St John’s students were a part of won the competition outright. A big congratulations goes to Zoe Christofis, Jayden Hasted, Gayathri Menon, Cassidy Wilson and Thomas Cameron for their fantastic achievements.

Thank you to Mr Michael Parker for involving St John’s students in such a challenging and rewarding competition.

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