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St John’s Year 11 Ylead Leadership Conference


Today, Year 11 students participated in the Ylead Leadership Conference. The aim of the conference was for students to recognise how important leadership is, along with team work. For St John’s students, Year 11 and 12 is an important time in their lives, therefore the activities were aimed at assisting them with future choices.

The first activity had a pure focus on team work and leadership. Students displayed leadership by acting out two dance moves of their choice, which was then repeated by the group, displaying team work. Each individual in the group than had the opportunity to lead the team.

Students then moved onto the second activity which required them to use a tactic of their own in order to make it under a moving skipping rope, without contact. Students were also asked to repeat this activity, however as a group of six which was quite challenging. Please click here to view the activity.

The final activity allowed all students to reflect on their year level, class mates and themselves as a person. Three students volunteered to tell the group about an individual in their year level, who has had a positive effect on them as an individual. To finish the day all students then wrote a note on a sheet of paper on each other’s back. This provided the opportunity for each student to write something positive about that student. Common words which were used included caring, positive person, happy and friendly.

All students benefit greatly from the Ylead Conference.

Thank you to everyone who was involved on the day!

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