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STEM – Astronomy Night


The 2017 Astronomy Night at the Primary Campus was a huge hit! Over 100 primary students were dazzled by the Secondary STEM Ambassadors, who were responsible for conducting and supervising a range of exciting Science and Engineering experiments. Students made a range of interesting substances including Galaxy Slime and Floam.

Marshmallows were flying in every direction in the Science Lab, as students made and tested catapults. Students also created 3D constellations using mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Students were treated with a very special visit from members of the Brisbane Astronomical Society, who arrived with two very powerful telescopes. Through these telescopes, students and their families were able to see the planets up close, including the rings of Saturn and Jupiter and all her moons.

Some of the Year 11 STEM Ambassadors were quite wet at the end of the night having spent the evening powering up and shooting water rockets on the oval.  The 2017 Astronomy Night was an astronomical success, where students were able to learn all about Science and our universe in an exciting and engaging way.

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