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Student Success – Tahni Smith selected to represent Australia


Congratulations to St John’s student Tahni Smith who recently had been selected to play Touch Football for Australia. 

Read more of Tahni’s story and her “give it a go” attitude below. 

Hi my name is Tahni I am 16 years of age and in grade 10 at St Johns. On the 18 of October, I will be heading down to Tweed Heads to represent Australia in Touch Football.

I never thought about playing Touch, until I realised it was on offer in Grade Seven as a Term 3 TAS sport for girls. So, I thought I might give it a go and sign up. During the first game of the season and within 30 seconds of the siren going off I scored. As I played more and learned the rules of the game, I started to realise that not only did I enjoy the game but I was good at it as well. Everything made sense to me, and I found myself being able to read the game and anticipate the oppositions moves before they executed them.

As the season came to an end I realised how much I loved the sport and decided I wanted to play club. So, I joined a few and played regularly on Monday and Thursday night’s. In Year Eight I decided I wanted to trail for representative teams as I knew my skill had improved and I wanted to test myself against stronger players, I trailed for a Brisbane and QLD team and to my surprise, I was selected for both teams. I went to the Carnivals and gained so much more experience and skills.

I made those representative teams again in following years and by the time I reached Grade 10 I made the QLD, Brisbane and the Met West teams. After the QLD competition the Australia Team was announced, and to my surprise, I was chosen. This was undoubtedly my biggest sporting achievement to date. All my hard work and dedication finally paid off and I could not have been happier.

When I picked up a touch ball for the first time in Grade Seven I never imagined myself playing for Australia, but with a bit of hard work anything can happen. So, I thought about this whole experience and realised one thing. If I didn’t take the opportunity to sign up in Grade Seven then I wouldn’t have found the love and passion I have for touch. If there is anything that I want someone to learn or to take away from my experience, it’s that you should take the opportunities you are given and give it your all because you never know how far that opportunity will take you unless you give it a crack.

Tahni Smith
Year 10 Student

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