The Rite Journey

Your child transitions in Year Nine from a child to a young adult. They develop from having decisions made for them to someone who makes their own decisions.

It can be a difficult time for you and your child.

We all want them to make the best decisions and become responsible, self-aware, respectful, resilient young adults.

To help them, we have adopted an Australian-created program now internationally recognised called The Rite Journey.

It is a year-long program where your child will go on a decision-making journey to young adulthood.

Along the way, they are mentored by carefully selected teachers and peer role models with whom they choose to perform various activities.

Over the past three years of the program, activities have included building a go-kart, camping trips, learning hobbies and other creative pursuits.

Modern society has lost a lot of the traditional rites of passage from childhood to adulthood. This program addresses that with a set of symbolic rites.

The Rite Journey starts at the beginning of the year with a calling ceremony where you and your child are challenged to embark on the transition to young adulthood.

It ends with a symbolic homecoming event to celebrate their achievements.

The result is your child will be transformed into a young adult, armed with the tools to be more resilient and better equipped to make decisions in this rapidly changing world.