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Timing is Everything in Life


They say ‘timing is everything” and, this month, the completion of the final stage of the St John‘s Performing Arts Centre was just in time for the staging of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  Exceptional learning opportunities for Performing Arts students at St John’s have certainly reached a new level with the completion of the final stage of the Performing Arts Centre in July, was fully operational in time to showcase this musical masterpiece, a story full of love, laughter and heartbreak, all tied together.

The Performing Arts Centre now incorporates the Music teaching and rehearsal spaces, several open plan and comfortable collaborative learning spaces; which have already captured the creative spirit within our teachers and students.

Flowing naturally from the teaching areas into the back of the Auditorium, the completed Centre now allows learners to move seamlessly from classroom to stage, where performance skills are practiced and honed to perfection. The Green Room spaces, which used daily for Drama lessons and intimate performances and recitals, complement the magnificent stage area. These state of the art learning spaces came together with suburb teamwork, Directed by Mr Russell Morgan, Head of Performing Arts, in the spectacular production of the “The Little Mermaid”. The show provided a fantastic creative opportunity for staging rich costumes and sets and a chance to perform well-known songs such as “Under the Sea”, “Kiss the Girl” and “Part of Your World”.

The Performing Arts is “Part of the World” for all St John’s students, focusing on Instrumental and Classroom Music, Drama and Dance and now adding sound recording and enhanced technical theatre support into its offerings.

Whilst St John’s Performing Arts Centre is home to our students during each day, Brisbane Arts community groups are now regularly using our Centre each weekend. Fostering creativity and confidence in all young people is essential for their future study and work prospects. We welcome the wider community to St John’s to share the opportunities provided in this beautiful centre.

If you missed the St John’s adaptation of “The Little Mermaid”, I hope you are able to make the new Performing Arts Centre “Part of your World” on Saturday, August 19, at OPEN DAY.

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