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Titration Competition 2020

Wed, 16/09/2020Posted by:

This year a group of Year 11 and 12 students at St John’s had the pleasure of participating in the 2020 Titration Competition. Teams were required to determine the concentration of an unknown sample by adding a specific quantity of a known sample through a burette. They then had to carefully monitor the procedure until the reaction was complete. Although the competition had previously taken place within the UQ campus, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this years’ experience was substantially different for all those who participated. Teams were required to conduct the experiment within the College laboratory and were given the opportunity to refine the accuracy of their titrations using school equipment.

Participating in the Titration Competition was an excellent learning experience for those students who participated, helping to transition theoretical practices into engaging practical sessions. Delving into the practical and mathematical aspects of chemistry, involvement in the competition allowed students to refine their understanding of topics that have been broadly discussed in class, extending their understanding and engagement in chemistry practicals. Working in teams in a laboratory environment, students develop their teamwork and communication skills, an essential skill when working under strict time constraints.