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We Congratulate Our Conrad Team


Last week the Spirit of Innovation Challenge students returned from Florida USA with new skills and abilities gained from their outstanding educational experience. In its 11th year the Challenge gathers students from all over the world at the Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando offering them the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas for new products to a panel of judges from defence, industry, academia and businesses.

Six hundred students entered this year, 124 teams made it to the semi finals, and, 42 teams were selected as Finalists in the four categories. St John’s students were up against ten other schools in the Health and Nutrition category all of whom performed to a high standard. In spite of the fact that “The Professors” performed credibly they met some tough competition. Even making it as far as they did as one of ten Finalists is an amazing feat against students from India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The Summit program was filled with motivational talks from business sponsors and NASA astronauts together with the inspirational displays at the Kennedy Space Centre.

In November, St John’s will conduct the Australian Conrad Spirit of Innovation, under licence from the Conrad Foundation, to build a network of like-minded schools across the sector who are supporting students to develop problem solving, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.  Our experience from the 2016 St John’s Innovation Challenge will hold us in good stead.

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