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Year 11 Camp


Parrots, swords, sleeping bags, and even planks of wood were all that could be seen as the Year 11 cohort set off on their four day camp to Evans Head, NSW. We were split into six groups – the red swords, yellow parrots, blue planks, green hooks, black eye patches, and purple canons. 

The six core activities throughout the camp included a beach trek, raft building, stand-up paddle boarding and rock it, canoeing, bike riding, and surfing and sand sculpturing. These activities brought everyone together as a team, especially the beach trek, rock it, and raft building. It was also a great experience to stand up while surfing, considering it was the first time for many students.

Throughout these activities, clues were found which aided the teams in the final activity. Using these clues from the six activities, we had to search for the materials required to build a raft, from the fish co-op to the local tennis court. Once materials were gathered and the raft was built, we had to paddle across the river to get the flag and Conquer the Black Pearl. Congratulations to the purple team who won the challenge, although there were some disputes.

Additionally, all teams were given the chance to play laser skirmish, swing in the chapel, rock climb and visit the F-111 museum. For the camp out, teams had a budget of $200 to buy their food for dinner and breakfast. Most meals consisted of sausages for dinner and bacon and eggs for breakfast, with change still left over. Some groups spent 10 minutes in the supermarket, while some spent one hour in the supermarket.

New friendships were gained and old ones were strengthened. Thank you to all the teachers and camp staff who supported us on the trip and prepare us for Year 12 in 2016.

Written by Ben Kozij, St John’s Year 11 Student


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