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Year 11 Student Places Third in the 2016 QUT Science in Focus Image Competition


Last week, the Queensland University of Technology announced the winners of The Science in Focus Image Competition at the 2016 QUT Science in Focus Image Competition Finalist Exhibition & Ceremony at The Cube. Congratulations to St John’s Year 11 student Egan Sun-Bin whose entry, the astronomy of light won third prize which included $150 school scientific prize pack.

The competition celebrated QUT research with impact by showcasing the most original, informative and technically innovative images. It was open to all QUT staff and students and Queensland high school students (Years 10 – 12). QUT staff and students were invited to enter original, visually striking images that tell a story about QUT scientific research. The types of images that were entered included light or electron microscopy images, photographs, hand-drawn or digital illustrations, diagrams, infographics, graphs or table-of-contents images, 3D images, x-rays, thermal images, machine outputs and scans.

To view Egan’s photo please click here.

Egan planned his imaging by researching how light can be tracked with a camera to show what happens in the stars. A camera on long exposure can track the star’s movement. Rather than it being just a bright dot, it can be a long streak of light. Egan wanted to achieve this in the night so he used this imaging opportunity at St John’s STEM evening as it would help represent what stars do. He asked students to run around with glow sticks while he kept the camera on for a long exposure to create the light effects. Egan also enlisted a friend to look at the telescope to show others looking up to the stars. He says, this can help understand the movement of lights. It metaphorically shows how stars are not in a fixed position in the sky, they are constantly moving. This also shows the idea of light energy.

This project fits perfectly with the Physics Astronomy topic which is included in the curriculum at St John’s.

Well done Egan we are very proud!

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