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Year Nine Girls Making a Difference


Our Year Nine girls have been busy, getting involved in raising funds for the Days for Girls Project ( ). This is a grassroots non-profit organisation that allows girls and women in developing countries to discover their potential and self-value, giving them opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their communities. This innovative project provides female hygiene packs which allows girls in developing countries to regularly attend school, rather than being absent on a regular basis. Girls in developing countries can miss as many as 65 days’ school a year for this reason. The distribution of these packs allows girls to be able to attend school more consistently which helps break the poverty cycle.

Earlier in the year, Glenis Manz from the Ipswich Chapter of Days for Girls Project spoke to St John’s Year Nine girls about the worldwide project. As part of the St John’s Rite Journey program, the girls have been raising money to donate to the Days for Girls Project. This inspired the students to donate money from their school fund-raising program to buy material for the hygiene kits.

The year-long fund-raising program started with the school providing each Year Nine Rite Journey student with $20 as seed-funding for their own fund-raising initiatives.

Not only have the girls provided funds from this program to Days for Girls Project, but three of the students also volunteered to help assemble more than 150 female hygiene packs. About 100 of those packs will be taken to Cambodia in June 2017 when a group of St John’s students visit the country on an Antipodean cultural trip. This will allow the students to see exactly how their fundraising money is being spent and how effective it is in the lives of Cambodian girls. The pack will give these girls the opportunity to attend school every day and improve their level of education. This is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and keeping young girls in school.

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