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30th Foundation Day Celebration

Fri, 28/07/2023Posted by:

On Thursday 27 July St John’s Anglican College came together to celebrate it’s 30th Year and the founding of the College, marking this milestone with a full day of celebration and various activities across the College. The festivities began with a formal ceremony that paid homage to the College’s three decade journey of academic excellence and community building.

The formal ceremony showcased the College’s commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering values that go beyond the classroom. It was a day filled with nostalgia, reflection, and gratitude, not only for St John’s but also for the community that has been an integral part of its journey. The ceremony featured a special Acknowledgment of Country performance by renowned performer Waveney Yasso, a world premiere performance of “Queensland Quest” by the College’s String and Wind Orchestra, composed by Key Poulan, staff service awards, recognising staff members who had served for significant years and Old Collegians’ Awards.

Following the formal ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to network and engage with one another over morning tea. This time provided a platform for guests to connect, share insights, and strengthen the bonds that make the local community a close-knit one. The celebration extended to the students as well. Cupcakes in the College’s distinctive House colours were a delightful treat for the young learners. These colourful cupcakes served as a sweet reminder that the College’s legacy continues through the vibrant personalities and aspirations of the students.

The day was not only about formalities and networking; it was also a day to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and competition. As the day neared its end, students participated in the Foundation Day relay Race, a thrilling run that showcased their teamwork, spirit, and athletic prowess.

Congratulations to House Bow Qing Tain who emerged as the winners for this Year’s Foundation Day Relay Race. The victory was a testament to the House’s unity and determination.

The 30th Foundation Day of St John’s Anglican College was more than just a celebration of its history; it was a day that encapsulated the College’s values, its deep-rooted community connections, and the promise of an even brighter future. As it embarks on another successful year, the College remains dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering a sense of belonging and achievement within its community.