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Student Wellbeing

Creating a positive culture and ensuring that each and every one of our students has positive individual wellbeing is something we take very seriously at St John’s Anglican College. It’s part of the St John’s Way, where everyone is responsible for upholding our College values and striving to achieve a respectful, inclusive and joyful College community.

By emphasising the importance of positive emotional, social, spiritual, physical and intellectual development of our students, we are helping them gain the skills and competencies to flourish in their educational journey. The two go hand in hand and we firmly believe that positive student wellbeing underpins academic and leadership success.

Student Wellbeing Structure

Making time for pastoral care of our students is an integral part of daily college life and is something we focus on and have developed structures and processes around. Student wellbeing as a framework for student pastoral care is led by our Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care, our College Counsellor and our College Chaplain.

Pastoral care at St John’s is managed through our house system. All students at St John’s are allocated to one of four houses where they are provided with support, and a sense of community and belonging through sporting, cultural and community activities. The house system generates interconnectedness across all year levels, encouraging the formation of role-modelling/mentoring, friendships and fostering both a strong house identity as well as strengthening whole College spirit.

In addition to their academic lessons, Secondary students attend a short Home Group lesson each day. Home Group classes are vertical groupings including students in all three Middle School years or all three Senior School years from the same house. Students stay in their Home Group class with the same teacher throughout their middle and senior schooling. Year Seven students spend the early part of their first year in a Year Seven Home Group until they are ready for integration into the vertical Home Group system.

Through the house system and Home Group classes, students are able to develop leadership skills that give them the confidence to be future leaders in their communities.

Wellbeing Framework

St John’s has implemented a new wellbeing framework that is unique to St John’s and caters for the needs of all our students, from Kindergarten to Year 12, our families and our community. The new wellbeing framework was developed in consultation with the University of Queensland Science of Learning and Research Centre. In the initial stages of its development, a comprehensive survey was conducted, gathering valuable insights from our students, which played a pivotal role in shaping the framework. One of the strengths of this new wellbeing framework lies in its adaptability, as it remains flexible to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of our students and families.

Spiritual Life at St John’s

Faith mission is central to life at St John’s. As an Anglican school, we foster spiritual development of all within our learning community.

We actively express the values and traditions of the Anglican Church including the dignity and understanding to be found in school worship and an acceptance of social responsibility, social justice and service to the wider community.

On a weekly basis, every student from Prep to Year 12 is engaged in a variety of experiences with a spiritual dimension. These include a class on Religious and Values Education and Chapel services at each campus, where the College community comes together to worship.

Every aspect of our life together at College is expected to reflect Gospel values, and our teachers are always ready to address the religious dimensions of other subjects. There is no area of study and learning where faith questions are out of bounds.

We believe by nurturing each student’s understanding of faith and service it encourages them to explore and demonstrate their own faith. As a result, our students have the ability to experience openness and intellectual challenge around the concept of faith and leave our College with a strong values and service mindset.

Faith Mission and Wellbeing Centre

In 2021, a new Faith Mission and Wellbeing Centre was opened at St John’s Secondary campus. Home to the College Chaplain, College Psychologist and Heads of House, the centre is purposefully designed to offer students a safe, confidential environment to talk and problem-solve wellbeing concerns and to nurture spiritual growth.

Contact St John’s Pastoral Care Staff

Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care | Robern Hinchliffe
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