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Our People

The risks and challenges of the governance role of independent school boards and councils reflect those of the corporate world. St John’s College Council Members has between its representatives a broad range of interests, talents and experience.

It seeks to implement excellence in governance as a key organisational goal by exercising principles of rigour, transparency and accountability. The College Council undertakes this goal for the College to achieve excellence in its educational, Christian and community mission, the governing body must be highly strategic and effective in its leadership, planning and oversight functions.

St John’s College Council is made up of up of five members including one FSAC Board member and four independent College Council members appointed from the College community, and the College Principal, Deputy Principal – Curriculum and Innovation and the Business Manager who are non-voting members. The College Council is delegated the responsibility to govern and administer the operations of the College. The College Council’s role includes:

  • determining and implementing St John’s business and strategic plans.
  • formulating policies and procedures and ensuring St John’s adheres to all including child protection.
  • overseeing St John’s financial and operational performance.
  •  monitoring the management of risks within St John’s.
  • being actively involved in the process of appointing the College Principal.
  • managing the ongoing performance of the College Principal.

The school Principal reports to the College Council and is responsible for the daily operations of the school.