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Anglican Ethos

St John’s Anglican College is an inclusive Christian school founded on the Anglican tradition which values acceptance of diversity, inclusiveness and equity within its community.

Within a Christian framework, at St John’s we inspire lifelong learning by living and being guided by faith in God, our community and our self.

St John’s motto, “Faith, Service and Courage,” underpins the Anglican ethos in a variety of ways. The crest, which is worn by all students, has a rich story. The colours and shape of the bishop’s mitre represent our Anglican ethos. The cross is symbolic of faith in Jesus Christ. The hands symbolise our commitment to social justice and serving God and the community.

As an Anglican school, at St John’s we are committed to learning, to justice, to individual achievement and to wholeness.

St John’s upholds the Anglican school characteristics of:

Appreciation of diversity

The Anglican Church in its long history has come to value diversity as a positive good and a distinguishing feature of a civilised community. Anglican schools should enliven such appreciation of diversity and acceptance and the care ethic implicit in this respect for others.

High respect for intellectual endeavour

The teaching / learning ethic will show itself in hard work, intellectual rigour and openness to ideas and debate.

Sense of social responsibility

The service ethic and a commitment to social justice will be seen in the willingness of Anglican school communities to offer themselves to serve God and His people in the wider community as critical participants.

Commitment to tradition and dignity within school life

Anglican schools will use the richness of symbol, story and ceremony to promote their values and order their lives.

Commitment to tradition and dignity within school worship

The Anglican tradition of renewing ancient forms and sacraments to meet modern needs will be evident in the way the school community worships.

The College’s commitment to the rich traditions of the Anglican Church is evident in the weekly worship services at both Junior and Secondary schools. The weekly services incorporate symbol, story and ceremony. 

Each year the Archbishop of Brisbane, delivers a message to Anglican schools with a specific theme for the year. In 2023, Bishop Cameron Venables, Archbishop’s Commissary explores the message of ‘Flourishing Together: For Dignity’. You can watch these messages below.




You can find more information about this year’s theme via the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland website.