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Visual Arts

At St John’s, Visual Art is a subject where students make visible ideas, thoughts, feelings and observations of their world through display and exhibition of made images and objects.

As students define, communicate and discern meanings, they come to understand the purposes and intents of visual artworks in various cultures and societies. The Visual Art curriculum provides an opportunity for students to develop the capacity to critically reflect on and challenge representations of cultural values, beliefs and customs and to make informed judgments of the world around them.

In a world of increasing communication technologies and bourgeoning published, internet-transmitted, and digitised visual information, a knowledge and understanding of how meanings are constructed and ‘read’ is essential in becoming a critical consumer and/or producer of images and objects, whether for leisure or work. Students are therefore encouraged to explore visual art styles and philosophies from a variety of social, cultural and historical contexts across a range of media areas. Their artmaking experiences will allow them to develop unique, creative artworks that communicate their own personal style and expression through their individualised responses.

Our annual ‘College Creations’ is an exhibition that provides an opportunity for our College community to celebrate our students’ artistic talents and be inspired by their uniquely meaningful and multi-layered works.