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Parents and Friends’ Association

St John’s Anglican College parents, students and staff value the friendship and resource benefits of a supportive Parents and Friends Association.

St John’s Parents and Friends Association exists to raise money to provide and improve the amenities for the College and its students through strengthening community engagement.

The Parents and Friends Association comprises of three sub-committees including, Friends of the Arts (FOTA), Supporters of Sport (SOS), and Friends of the School (FOS). Each of these sub-committees oversee the fundraising initiatives for many of St John’s extra-curricular activities.

2021 P&F Events Schedule

Event TermDateLocation
Walkathon218 June Junior and Secondary
Concert on the Green31 AugustSecondary
Stage and Screen Showcase310 AugustSecondary
Jazz Night48 OctoberSecondary
Community Movie Night423 OctoberTo be confirmed

P&F Executive Committee 2020/2021

President: Roscoe Revelly
Vice President: Greg Braithwaite
Vice President: Kym Krogh
Treasurer: Jane Chard
Secretary: Jo Odorici

Wednesday, 3 February 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 3 March 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 5 May 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 2 June 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 4 August 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 1 September 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 6 October 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 3 November 20217.00pm
Wednesday, 1 December 20217.00pm

FOTA Executive Committee

Chair: Jo Odorici
Vice Chair: Tracey Wright
Treasurer: Jane Chard
Secretary: Susan Kemp

Thursday, February 20216.00pm
Thursday, 11 March 20216.00pm
Thursday, 13 May 20216.00pm
Thursday, 10 June 20216.00pm
Thursday, 12 August 20216.00pm
Thursday, 9 September 20216.00pm
Thursday, 7 October 20216.00pm
Thursday, 11 November 20216.00pm

SOS Executive Committee

Chair: Robert Stansfield
Vice Chair: Jeff Sharpe
Secretary: Vanessa Newham
Kiosk Convenor: Jane Chard

Wednesday, 3 February 2021 – AGM6.00pm
Wednesday, 24 March 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 28 April 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 16 June 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 21 July 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 8 September 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 13 October 20216.00pm
Wednesday, 24 November 20216.00pm


For further information on the Parents and Friends Association please contact President, Mr Roscoe Revelly via [email protected]

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