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About St John’s

Welcome to St John’s Anglican College

St John’s is a Kindergarten to Year 12 co-educational Christian school founded in 1994 and located in the leafy surrounds of Forest Lake, Brisbane. With 1200 students, St John’s is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering a joyful and innovative learning experience within an Anglican framework.

For parents searching for the right school for their child, we understand there are many important factors which contribute to your decision. The key features of our College which are rated favourable by our community are:

Small School, Big Opportunities

St John’s is the ideal size where students have access to an abundance of learning opportunities, facilities, experienced educators but they are not lost in the crowd. We recognise and value every student as an individual with an understanding that their personality, contribution and unique sense of perspective brings a richness to our school community.


St John’s students are experiencing the real world, benefiting from both male and female mentors and understanding the impact both genders create when interacting together. So much is gained from having our students learn side-by-side, working collaboratively and respectfully, exchanging ideas and succeeding together.

Balanced Education

St John’s prides itself on the breadth and quality of its extra and co-curricular programs in the performing arts and sporting arenas. Education isn’t just about teaching content in the classroom but about preparing young minds for the challenges of the real world.

Inclusive Community

Everyone is responsible for upholding our College values and striving to achieve a respectful, inclusive and joyful College community. Creating a positive culture and ensuring that every one of our students has positive individual wellbeing is something we take very seriously at St John’s.

One College

We offer a seamless education for your child from Kindergarten to Year 12. While located across two beautifully maintained campuses minutes apart and connected by St John’s own shuttle buses, we are One College.

Character Development

St John’s is an inclusive Christian school founded on the Anglican tradition which values acceptance of diversity, inclusiveness and equity within its community. We inspire lifelong learning by living and being guided by faith in God, our community and our self.

Equipping Students for the Future

Our students are engaged in though-provoking and stimulating activities that develop a love of learning and build skills that will serve them well to face the challenges of the future.

Supporting Student Achievement

We are proud to have high achieving intellectuals, athletes and artists in our student body. St John’s SOAR, RISE and Performing Arts Centre of Excellence programs creates the optimum learning environment to support exceptional student achievement.

Award Winning Facilities

Our College boasts an award winning STEM Institute Design Centre, an outstanding Performing Arts Centre, a recently redeveloped Sporting Complex and a new Middle School Precinct with flexible classrooms and engaging outdoor learning and gathering spaces.

Faith, Service and Courage

Our College way of life is underpinned by our motto – Faith, Service and Courage – derived by us being faith-led in our approach, having a service mindset and being brave in everything we do.

Our College Brand Essence is Courageous, Respectful, Successful meaning this is the heart of our College and it is reflected in our positioning – With Courage, We Soar.


Discover More of St John’s

St John's Kindergarten

At St John’s, we allow each child’s curiosity and creativity to flourish. Our Kindergarten provides the perfect balance of child-led inquiry, purposeful play and lots of fun in a caring and nurturing environment.

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Junior School

At St John’s, our curriculum is specifically designed to prepare your child for a rapidly changing future, where they will need personal strengths such as resilience, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and reflection.

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Middle School

St John’s Middle School program is specifically designed to meet the development needs of students in early adolescence by way of stability and continuity and diversity of challenge through encompassing all the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.

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Senior School

Senior School at St John’s is a challenging and supportive environment, resulting in graduates who are courageous, respectful and driven to succeed. Our senior curriculum draws from global best practice and prepares students for their vocational pathway of choice.

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