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International Tours

Students at St John’s are able to participate in a biennial International Expedition which we undertake through Antipodeans, a specialist student expedition company.

We choose them because, put simply, they’re the best in the business and have a reputation of exceeding expectations. Their mantra is to create extraordinary people and their overseas travel expeditions are extraordinary opportunities for our young global citizens who get to participate. We’ve been working in partnership with Antipodeans since 2007.

A typical Antipodean adventure is a 3-4 week expedition in a country where the community, culture, cuisine and climate is typically very different to our own. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on community project, undertake a trek and immerse themselves in the culture, history and way of life of their destination. It’s an amazing opportunity where they have to make real-world decisions, take responsibility for their actions, work as a team and in the process, develop vital life skills.