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Our Publications

Each year St John’s produces key publications in order to keep our College families and the wider community up to date with activities within the College. We hope you enjoy these key publications.

Celebrating 30 People of Influence

In honour of St John’s extraordinary 30-year milestone, we are delighted to introduce Celebrating 30 People of Influence, a book that chronicles the remarkable journeys of thirty of our esteemed Old Collegians.


Footprints is the biannual magazine of St John’s Anglican College. Please enjoy learning about life at the College.

Edition | DEC 2023

Edition | JUN 2023

Edition | DEC 2022

Edition | JUN 2022

Edition | DEC 2021

Edition | JUN 2021

Edition | DEC 2020

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Edition | DEC 2019

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022


Annual Report 2021


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