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Connecting and Collaborating with our International Students

Tue, 27/04/2021Posted by:

At St John’s we are at the forefront of teaching and learning best practice. We are dedicated to providing an educational landscape that connects and fosters learning and enrichment opportunities for our international students. In response to the global challenges of 2020,
St John’s International College has developed a new program called Connect and Collaborate, which is an initiative of the Global Enterprise. Connect and Collaborate is a unique and transformational educational program that aims to increase opportunity, flexibility and access to teaching for our remote students.

With the continuation of remote learning for our international students who have been unable to return to the College campus, as well as the enrolment of new international students, the program has been developed to assist and support their remote learning. Connect and Collaborate, allows the students to access real-time support from staff, fostering their learning and better equipping them for their eventual return to the classroom.

The program is supported by St John’s new Remote Teaching Assistants, Mr Truc Nguyen and Mrs Rebecca Schembri, who commenced working with the remote students in Term One 2021.  Essentially, students connect with the Teaching Assistants online while their lessons are in progress. The Teaching Assistants collaborate with the classroom teachers on behalf of the student, respond to their questions, provide technical assistance and share documents in real-time while the teacher continues to conduct the in-classroom lesson.  The program provides an extra level of access and support for the students working on their own from their remote locations, having access to someone on hand to communicate with throughout their lesson.

This initiative has helped to safeguard the ongoing success of St John’s International College during this time of global change and uncertainty. St John’s recognises the importance of our International College and engagement with our international student community and values the positive impact this interaction has on learning for our domestic students by developing their awareness of cultural diversity, global issues and opportunities. An important foundation for our young people’s active participation in a changing world.

Sharolyn Baldwin
International Student Coordinator