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From the Principal – July 2023

Mon, 24/07/2023Posted by:

It brings me immense joy to see the school community reunited once again, ready to embark once more on a journey of growth and discovery. As we step into this new term, let us remember that education is not merely confined within the walls of the classroom; it is a lifelong adventure of expanding horizons and embracing new and exciting challenges. With this in mind, I am delighted to announce our secondary students will have the opportunity to explore and participate in the St John’s Global Exchange Program in 2024/25. This exciting program will afford many students the chance to live and study abroad.

Our Global Exchange Program aims to strengthen the international focus of school activities and provide opportunities for overseas, rural and city students to experience the cultural, geographic and economic diversity that is a unique strength of Australia, to other parts of the world. We aim to develop people of good character to be the future leaders of our world by offering international exchange.

The Global Exchange Program is an integral part of the St John’s Global Learning Institute under the Global Enterprise. Through experiencing the St John’s Global Exchange Program, we seek to ensure a focus on developing our students’ global outlook; specifically, enabling resilient and responsible engagement in a multicultural and globalising world. The Program will provide exceptional opportunities for students in Year 10 to participate in the global community within the context of school and family life.

The Global Exchange Program can only begin once our students can travel safely. This has taken some time, years, in fact, post the pandemic. I made the commitment to visit our exchange partner schools in England at the end of last term so I can personally reassure parents and students who are all keen to begin exchanges, knowing it is safe to do so. We have appointed Ms Petta Scheiwe as the Global Exchange Coordinator and she will begin communication and opportunities for parents and students to learn more about the program and the schools in England from Oxford and Cambridge.

The Year 10 Global Exchange Program enables St John’s students to acquire and further develop new skills in problem-solving, independent decision-making and self-confidence; expand cultural and ethnic awareness; enhance their passion for learning; and become exceptional ambassadors of the program overseas and in the St John’s community. It allows us to align with the fundamental principles of the Global Exchange Program, such as cultural immersion, student ambassadorship and reciprocal hosting.
Our College Vision: ”Every Learner is empowered to excel and equipped to embrace the challenge of any future” is calling our students to action in providing the unique opportunity to participate in global citizenship and encourages active demonstration of our six core values of St John’s – Faith, Hope, Love, Courage, Community and Justice.

Mrs Maria McIvor