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Queensland Reds Players Visit St John’s

Wed, 08/03/2023Posted by:
Queensland Reds Visit 2023

On Friday 3 March, St John’s Anglican College was treated to a special visit from two of the Queensland Reds players, Kalani Thomas and Richie Asiata. The students and faculty on the Secondary Campus were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet these rugby stars and learn from them firsthand in our Sports Centre.

The visit began with an introduction from the players, who shared their personal stories and experiences playing rugby. They talked about the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance both on and off the field. The students were inspired by their words and eager to learn more. Next, the players led the students in a series of rugby drills and activities demonstrating various techniques and skills. It was amazing to see the students’ enthusiasm and determination as they learned from these professional athletes.

After the drills, the players took the time to answer questions from the students. The students asked about their training routine, their favourite rugby moments, and what advice they would give to young aspiring athletes. The players were gracious and thoughtful in their responses, and the students appreciated their insight and wisdom.

The visit concluded with a group photo and a round of applause for the players. It was clear that the visit had a significant impact on the students and faculty alike. They were grateful for the opportunity to learn from these rugby stars and inspired to work hard and pursue their own dreams. It was a reminder of the power of sports to inspire and unite communities, and we are grateful to the Queensland Reds for taking the time to inspire our next generation of sports stars.